VoIP phone system

VoIP phone system



  Advantages and Limitations of Cloud PBX (55 อ่าน)

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Advantages and Limitations of Cloud PBX

If you plan to adopt new technology into your communication system, this blog certainly helps you find the best apps and its provider.

Let us start with the basics:

What is Cloud PBX?

PBX, Public Branch Exchange, is a computing technology known as a "cloud" or "hosted PBX" that uses the internet for data storage and information transfer instead of a hardware device.

It is an online virtual system that provides a dependable office phone system.

Types of Private Branch Exchange:

Onsite versus hosted PBX:

The location is the primary distinction between onsite or traditional PBX and cloud PBX.

The cloud-based system does not have a physical location; instead, it is built on the internet's cloud, and on the other hand, onsite PBX, also known as on-premises PBX, is situated on the business's premises. In simple words, all hardware and required equipment are present on the business's premises, and all necessary updates, repairs, and maintenance are carried out there.

Virtual PBX versus IP PBX systems

An IP PBX system requires more hardware and upkeep than a virtual one. A PC with a solid internet connection and a few IP phones are all needed for the virtual PBX system to work, and firms are responsible for maintaining IP PBX from their office.

A virtual PBX is preferred even if IP PBX and virtual PBX are advantageous to a firm. Affordability, scalability, flexibility, and enhanced features and capabilities of virtual PBX, include:

• On-hold music

• Auto-attendant

• Voicemail

• Name-dialing directory

• Personal greetings

• Faxing

The Advantages of using a Cloud-based PBX


If you choose a cloud PBX system, your company can quickly scale up or down following the organization's needs. With only a few mouse clicks, firms can quickly and easily add an infinite number of extensions using a web-based interface. The significant fact that businesses don't require any prior technical skills is the best aspect.


Take advantage of the newest business phone features without worrying about updating your equipment because the hosted PBX provider takes care of everything.


The Cloud PBX system only bills for functions used, and most cloud PBX service providers offer variable price plans based on the total number of required calling minutes and the variety of users and extensions.

Strong Market Presence:

If you decide to switch from a cloud PBX system to a conventional phone system, then learn about a virtual number. The two types of virtual phone numbers that are offered are local numbers and toll-free numbers.

Best for Start-ups:

Compared to the conventional PBX system hosted inside the company, cloud PBX is less expensive as the solution does not require expensive hardware or costly hardware maintenance and replacement costs. When compared, the monthly costs invested for traditional PBX systems are significant, and Cloud PBX is affordable.

It Improves Adaptability

They are not constrained by physical bounds if they have a strong internet connection; users can therefore access it from wherever. Regardless of whether your staff is present in the office, your business continues to run.

Expand More, Invest Less

These solutions help in expansions, making it easy for a small firm to grow without dealing with logistics. For instance, as your firm expands, you don't need to buy new hardware, hire more space, enlarge your PBX area, or even acquire new lines.

Advanced capabilities:

Compared to a conventional PBX system, it has more advanced functionality, is straightforward and simple to operate, and doesn't call for new hardware.

Cloud PBX features include number portability support, remote voicemail access, voicemail with email, follow-me functionality, extensions, ring groups, virtual receptionists, VoIP over fax, call waiting, call transfer, call logs, and call back.

The limitations:

Security: Because cloud telephony relies on the internet for electricity, it is susceptible to hacking. However, it can reduce the risk if the provider uses the most current and potent VoIP security methods to safeguard both the transit and storage of data.

VoIP phone system

Insufficient Bandwidth: When using cloud PBX, your internet connection's bandwidth affects the call quality, so businesses require a high bandwidth internet connection to make calls in high definition (HD).

How to Configure the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) for Your Business in the Cloud?

• Besides being relatively easy, setting up a cloud PBX for the business doesn't require specific technological expertise. The essential prerequisite is accessing the internet to connect to this technology and modify it to meet corporate requirements.

• The only tricky part of setting up cloud PBX for the firm is finding the right service provider responsible for business, having all the most modern business phone features, and providing excellent customer care.

• Network and data security cannot be taken lightly because it is essential to the running of every business, so find out how the company providing the cloud PBX services will safeguard the data while it is being transferred and physically stored in their data centers.

• Reliability: One of the most critical advantages of cloud PBX systems is the ability to continue business operations. A natural disaster or an accident perpetrated by humans won't harm businesses because cloud technology maintains copies of the company's data at data centers in multiple locations.

• Customers' Support: Before using a hosted PBX provider, reviewing their customer service guidelines is advisable.

• Flexible pricing structures: It is crucial for business owners to ensure that they pay for the resources their company uses; therefore, it's vital to conduct a market analysis of cloud PBX providers, looking at both the premium business phone services that each of these providers offers and the costs at which they do so.

VoIP phone system

VoIP phone system



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