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Reading football odds is extremely simple due to the modern odds table provided by bookmakers. Each betting platform offers various types of main and side odds, which have similar calculation formulas for determining the potential winnings, making it very easy to remember.

Depending on the type of odds, there are specific betting methods for each, such as Asian handicap, European handicap, and over/under. Refer to our comprehensive guide on how to understand the easiest way to read odds, which we, at wintips, share to ensure accurate betting.

Concept of football odds - Explaining football odds

Football odds refer to the odds set by bookmakers for each match, predicting the final outcome. Players use this information to place bets and wager on the team they believe will win.

However, before learning how to read odds, players should create a football betting account beforehand. You cannot participate in football betting without becoming a member of the bookmaker.

Reading football odds involves the process of studying the data provided by bookmakers before and during the match. By understanding these odds, players will have a solid foundation to predict the outcome and score.

Usually, the odds table includes both main and side bets. The main bets consist of full-time handicap, first half handicap, full-time over/under, first half over/under, full-time 1×2, and even/odd. However, most bettors overlook the even/odd bet as it is not appealing. For more interesting and valuable content, refer to our guide on analyzing football odds here.

Side bets are more diverse and can include exact score, yellow cards, corner kicks, penalties, three-way handicap, team to advance, and more. Depending on the nature of the match, the Bookmaker wintips will propose the most suitable betting options.

For beginners, it is not easy to fully understand the information in the odds table. It is necessary to have someone guide them on how to accurately read football odds for placing bets.

This is also the reason why specialized review websites and football betting forums are created. The information provided on these websites helps bettors better understand the odds, such as the content discussed in this article.

Information in the bookmaker's odds table

In essence, a bookmaker's odds table will include the following essential data:

Tournament: Matches in the same competition will be grouped together.

Match schedule: Includes the specific date and time.

Names of the two participating teams: The home team is listed above, and the away team is listed below. The favored team according to the Asian handicap is highlighted in red (usually the stronger team).

Full-time handicap: When learning how to read football odds, it is important to pay attention to this column as it is the main bet and relatively easy to win. The bookmaker provides the handicap odds for the favored team and the underdog in 90 minutes.

Over/under odds for the whole match: The bookmaker predicts the total number of goals scored in the entire match. Players analyze the odds and place their bets on Over (o) or Under (u).

Explanation of full-time 1×2 odds: This includes three options: home team wins, away team wins, or a draw. Some bookmakers may also offer additional odds for the home team to win or draw, or the away team to win or draw.

Even/odd for the whole match: Predicting whether the total number of goals scored in the match will be an even or odd number.

First-half handicap, first-half over/under, and first-half 1×2 bets: Similar to the full-time bets.

What is live betting in soccer tips win tips: Playing when the match is in progress, which brings significant advantages.

The most basic way to view football odds

Asian handicap is a type of bet that predicts the goal difference between two teams. The stronger team is chosen as the favorite and will be given a certain handicap (provided by the bookmaker) against the weaker team, known as the underdog.

When learning how to read Asian handicap in football, you need to pay attention to the following information:

Match time: It helps with organizing and tracking the betting odds.

Names of the participating teams: The team listed above is the home team, and the team below is the away team. The team chosen as the favorite will be marked in red, which can be either the home team or the away team depending on the advantage.

Handicap odds: It is represented in decimal form or with a slash in between. For example, a handicap of 1 goal is written as 1.0, a handicap of 1.25 goals can be written as 1-1.5 or 1/1.5.

Payout rate: It is displayed next to the handicap odds, such as 0.90, 0.97, 0.81, etc. Players need to be aware of this information to calculate their winnings or losses when making match predictions.

How to read the Asian handicap in football - 1x2 bet:

The 1x2 bet predicts the outcome of a football match in terms of win, loss, or draw. Players place their bets on one of these three outcomes based on the pre-match odds.

The payout rate for the 1x2 bet is usually high, but accurately predicting the outcome is challenging. Inexperienced players often avoid this type of bet due to the fear of losing.

Reading the Asian handicap in football is relatively easy and considered the simplest among the main betting types. Players just need to remember the following information:

Match time: Note the time when the game takes place.

Names of the participating teams: Identify the two teams involved, with the team listed first being the home team and the second team being the away team.

Payout rate: The odds for the 1x2 bet typically start from 1.5 and go higher compared to Asian handicaps and over/under bets.

This type of bet is also offered by bookmakers for the first half and full match, giving players the freedom to choose.

How to read the over/under bet (total goals):

Predicting the total number of goals scored in a match is another popular and straightforward betting type, following the Asian handicap. Bookmakers set the odds, and players consider whether to bet on Over or Under.

If you believe the total number of goals scored by both teams will be higher than the bookmaker's number, bet on Over. Conversely, if you expect the total goals to be lower, bet on Under.

The information in the bookmakers' odds table is displayed very clearly. Here's how to read the over/under bet odds for both the first half and full match:

Remember the match time and the names of the participating teams.

Note the over/under odds provided by the bookmaker, such as 1.5, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, etc.

Payout rate: Corresponds to each outcome. The odds for Over are usually higher, while Under is indicated with a "u".

Combining over/under bets with accumulator bets can maximize profits. When you spot several favorable odds, accumulator bets are the perfect way to play.

Guide to calculating the most accurate football odds:

While reading the odds table, apart from seeking information related to the betting types, players also need to know the formula for calculating winnings. Many believe that the bookmakers' automated system will take care of it, but that's not entirely true.

That's why experts recommend learning the formulas for better money management. Knowing in advance how much you can win or lose will help you place accurate bets.

The general formula for calculating profit or loss in football betting is:

Total profit from winning = Capital x Odds. So, after winning, the bookmaker will return both the capital and the profit, resulting in a total amount of Capital + Capital x Odds. Pay attention to this calculation.

Total loss from losing = Capital amount staked.

Half-profit amount = Total profit from winning : 2.

Half-loss amount = Capital amount staked : 2.

Once you've learned how to read the odds, the next important knowledge is how to pick the right football bets. Selecting suitable and easily winnable matches is something not everyone can do.

In conclusion

Understanding how to read Asian handicap, 1x2 bets, and over/under bets will undoubtedly help you achieve success in football betting. Don't forget to choose a reputable online bookmaker for safe transactions and winning opportunities.




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