Removed Your Acrylic Nails - How to Care For Your Weakened Nails

Removed Your Acrylic Nails - How to Care For Your Weakened Nails


  Removed Your Acrylic Nails - How to Care For Your Weakened Nails (108 อ่าน)

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Being wearing acrylic nails for a while and have decided to go back to your natural nails? We all removed our acrylic nails for a variety of reasons, some do it for the cost, others because they want to give their natural nails a breather or just because they want have their own nails again.

After you have decided to get your acrylic nails removed, there are two different techniques that can be used. You nail tech will help you with the removal process. It should take about 30 minutes to do so. The first technique that could be used it soaking off your acrylic nails in an ace-tone based mixture. The second technique would be your nail tech would use a electric drill. This technique your sculptured nail is gradually sanded off down to almost to your natural nail. A fine buffer is used to smooth the surface. The thin layer of remaining acrylic can protect your natural nail as it growing out. Your nail tech may use one or other or a combination of both techniques depending on what she feels is best for your nails.

Here are a few tips on dealing with your weakened nails.

Your nails are going to be really weak and may be hard for you to deal with the first few weeks as they are growing back out. As your nails are growing out they are going to be a bit paper thin they may split or peel as they are growing out. This is natural for your nails to do so, so expect it.

Getting a manicure once a week may help you deal with your weaken nails. You can also rub into the base of your nails at night olive oil, or cuticle oil to help strengthens the base. It also helps simulate growth.

Understand that your nails grow about 1/8 of a inch a month and even though it doesn't seem like much it really shows after a month or so how your nails are growing back out. Your nails grow faster in the summer time and at different periods in your life so if they seem to be growing faster than 1/8 inch a month be happy for it.

You may want to use a nail strengthener as well. This nail care product helps prevent more splitting by strengthening the base of your nails. There are some products that you apply before you apply your base coat and others that you apply everyday whether or not you are wearing nail polish.

Be sure to read the ingredients of your nail strengthener and avoid any that may contain formaldehyde which is very drying and may make your nails even more brittle. Be careful as formaldehyde may be listed as toluene, toluene sulphonamide or toluene sulphonic acid.

While your nails are growing out, you want to wear light colored nail polish. The reason for this is because your nails are weak, they may chipped at the ends and dark nail polish doesn't look good chipped. Light nail polish hides any chips you may receive.

Also make sure that any nail polish remover you may use when changing your nail polish color is ace-tone free.

Also always carry a emery board with you at all times. Your paper thin nails can still split and tear and get catch on things. It's best to keep your nails super short but they can still get straggly edges and may cause you to want to bite them and that is not a habit you want to start up now! Having a emery board with you at all times you can smooth out any edges that are rough. Apply hand cream as often as you can and rub it into the cuticles around your nails to help keep them soften. The hand cream will help boost the moisture levels in your nails and help them from being too dry.

Apply cuticle oil at night and when giving your self a manicure as a way to help condition the cuticle area and keep your cuticles soft. The last thing you want while waiting out your natural nails growing out is hangnails as well. Those tiny tears in your cuticles will drive you nuts, so keep your cuticles soft.

Removed Your Acrylic Nails - How to Care For Your Weakened Nails

Removed Your Acrylic Nails - How to Care For Your Weakened Nails


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